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With more than 45 years of joint experience not just in France but worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to help your business find the success you desire. Our connections in the retail, manufacturing, and technology sectors allow us to provide you with leverage you have never been able to achieve before, to bolster development in France and on the international stage.

Newco International is an independent consulting and coaching firm that is designed to examine your business, identify its weaknesses, and help you strengthen them so that you can face any challenge. We help you succeed in two main areas: increasing sales and improving operations. Making these two sectors—the largest sectors—stronger will allow you to grow your business, improve your productivity, and make that business a success.

If you feel the company faltering or flounder, but you aren’t quite sure what exactly the problem is, our consulting or coaching services are ideal for you. Even if you do know what the problem is but you don’t know how to fix it, or you know how to fix it, but your efforts do not seem to be working, this is when you need to call in an objective third party.

Sometimes, you are too close to the issue and you cannot see it for what it is—a symptom of a bigger problem. Other times, you are taking a too broad approach, and you need to focus on the details. Whatever your issue is, Newco International will identify it and show you how to fix it.

We don’t just patch holes, we make them disappear entirely!


"What is my market?" and "Am I ready go to this market?" are the questions that Newco International will help you answer.


Preparing internally to new markets, changing its organization, making teams improve efficiency, implementing the tools of tomorrow today - the expertise of Newco International helps you transform and optimize your company's operations.

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Why Does My Organization Need a Consultant or a Coach?

Provide objective feedback. Your company is like your baby. Because you created it, you are more likely to think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world and that it has absolutely no flaws than you are to see it objectively. You need an objective third party to show you the problem areas and how you can improve them.

Mentorship has been the making of almost all great businessmen. The great art of mentorship has lost traction in recent years. Fewer and fewer people are turning to mentors in order to get the help, advice, and support that they need. A mentor is someone who has already successfully done what you want to do and can help you achieve that same success, by showing you the path through what would otherwise be a dark and confusing forest. Coaches and consultants can act like mentors for your staff and for the leadership in your organization.

Show you new opportunities and open new doors. Coaching firms like Newco International have decades of experience in your industry and in other industries. This allows a coach to offer you new opportunities and to connect with people you never would have been able to connect with otherwise.

Support for your team. Starting and/or running your own business is difficult. You may feel like you have to make your own way, but in reality, when you work with a coach or a consultant, you can draw on their decades of experience and learn from their expertise. Plus, a coach will bolster your leadership skills and ensure that you are hitting all of the right notes with your team.