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international hello
30 Mar 2016 News

Knock knock?

I can still picture a colleague of mine in the Paris office coming out of a meeting with a prospective German client in a wild panic : “I have no […]

30 Mar 2016 News

What businesses can learn from a 9 year old boy

It has now been 10 years since I last came to Thailand, and not much has changed. I was expecting the city of Bangkok to have reinvented itself, as most […]

30 Mar 2016 News

Why your business must adapt

Kuala Lumpur: a fast paced city, high rises growing like mushrooms, constant haze… A place where technology has taken its rightful place and dual / triple / quadruple carriage ways […]

22 Mar 2016 News

Punctuality is all relative

I have travelled extensively around the world and have constantly been exposed to differences, some obvious and some a lot less. Time keeping falls into the second category. If you […]